In TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS, we are specialists in the manufacture of mobile units for the audiovisual sector, as well as the maintenance, conditioning, conservation, equipment and cleaning of our products. Given our extensive experience and close relationship with the client, we always assume the highest quality commitment in all bodywork, planimetry, installation and the implementation of the unit.


TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS puts at your disposal an extensive experience in the field of body modification, conditioning, equipment and maintenance of mobile units for the motor racing field. We study our clients’ demands and design a customized vehicle in collaboration with our customers responding to the premises of functionality, safety, robustness and aesthetics of every project.


TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS is specialized in the vehicle sector for the care and maintenance of the environment, offering several exclusive solutions to a growing sector with particular manufacturing needs. Tecnove Custom Trucks shows its commitment to the Environment specializing itself in the manufacture of goods and equipment for the collection and management of urban waste and road cleaning.

Other Products

Maintaining our spirit of development and continuous expansion, we offer our customers a wide range of products and services fully customized to their demands.

Training Without Borders

We set up mobile classrooms equipped with the most modern and adequate teaching aids so that no village from Spain miss the opportunity to train their people. In this way, we prevent the lack of means and training classrooms from being an added element which encourages rural exodus in search of new opportunities in large cities.