Maintenance Service

TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS wants to continue with our spirit of development and expansion, offering different services to our customers: maintenance, conservation and cleaning; We have a wide experience in mobile units, since the products are entirely made by our company.

Our company guarantees a helpdesk service, every product is carried out by a team of highly qualified professionals fully prepared, that work directly in the construction of the mobile unit and with enough experience in electricity, generator, hydraulics, mechanic, air conditioning, etc.

Our services are:

a) Maintenance tasks, automobile lubrication, revision on generators, central hydraulic, hydraulic circuits, refrigeration equipment, etc. According with the maintenance statement.
b) Replacement or repair of a part damaged or broken due to the regular use of the vehicle.
c) Cleaning the interior and the exterior of the unit with special products for the different equipment and materials.

TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS is responsible for carrying out the services of maintenance, conservation and cleaning, and provide the necessary materials to keep the unit in good conditions during the period of time stipulated in the contract for equipment maintenance services.

With this new service, we guarantee a perfect maintenance, conservation and cleaning of the mobile units at any time, extending the life span of the units.

Many of the larger companies in the market put their trust in us and we always try to give them the best professionalism, quickly ,24 hours service, competitiveness and innovation to improve our products and services.
Thank you to our clients for your trust and confidence in our ability to serve you