Human Resources

We always want to achieve the quality objectives and the customer orientation, to do this we are based on a key element: THE HUMAN STAFF. The main axes for the management of the human resources are an effective selection process, the continuous training as the basis of the personal development, the safety, the security of the environment, the communication and the implication.

The human resources of each project are formed by a technical team highly trained to take the responsibility of supervised a precise job in the different stages as: coachbuilding, planimetry, installation and start up of each unit-

Our staff is characterized by having a wide experience and for being a young group of work involved in each one of our projects, furthermore, we are motivated to achieve a product increasingly competitive and better adapted to meet the needs of our customers. Our company has a constant and daily involvement with the client.

Technical Resources

TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS has the latest Technology and production Systems on the market, which help in the manufacturing and assembly processes. Therefore, the employees use the machines and tools required, such as cranes, folding machines, high performance welding equipment, paint booth in controlled temperature, etc.

The use of the new Technologies and a modern production Systems have as a result an innovate product to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

We have the capacity of innovating through the transformation of creativity and the latest materials in existing products as useful as possible.

TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS has a totally specialized engineering department and equipped with the most advanced methods of calculation, program analysis and processes for 3D design; we study and design to satisfy the needs and demands of our clients. Also, it is necessary monitoring product quality in the different stages of development, such as the coach build, study and investigation of new methods and technologies to improve our system.