Who Are we?

TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS is the continuity of a project that it has already finished a successful stage, TECNOVE UMTV. In TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCK we are aware of the changes and the evolution of the market to give to our customers a range of manufactured products with the best quality standards. The industrial manufacturing sector is constantly changing, as we know, it is a dynamic sector where the professional qualification has a huge significance. For this reason our technical and producer staff is in continuous training and we have the best professional profiles for each field.

We realized customized designs in coach building and we design the products taking into consideration the customer’s needs. The catalogue of products is in continuous evolution and each project is a challenge of improving the customer satisfaction. We are different companies in an only group, in which each one has achieved a high level of specialization and we have diversified in our own range of products. The company was born with the goal of being a leader in the coach build market of outside broadcasting vans and over the years we have developed new lines of business: vehicles related to the world of the motor competition (Motorhome, hospitality, etc.) environment vehicles (garbage trucks, street sweepers, hydrocleaners, etc.), Food trucks and all kinds of trailers.