Company Policy

Environmental Policy

TECNOVE UMTV is an organization dedicated to design, manufacture, maintenance, repair, renting and sell of:

  • OB vans.
  • Sector of competition (motorhome, hospitality,…).
  • Fair’s vehicles (carnival rides mobile Burger van,…).
  • Vehicles for the transport of live animals.
  • Food trucks.

Design, manufacture, maintenance, reparation and selling of vehicle for clean and waste collection. We are commited to fulfilling these general objectives:

  • Provide products or services that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, designed to:
    • Offer customised solutions.
    • We complete your projects on time. “turnkey Project”.
    • We provide a maintenance service.
  • Meet the requirements and legal requirements.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management and environment in the system.
  • Environmental protection, included pollution prevention and other obligations in TECNOVE UMTV.
  • We provide safe and healthful working conditions that help to prevent injuries in TECNOVE UMTV.

Achieving these goals and to ensure compliance with them will be crucial to the continuity of TECNOVE UMTV, in terms of growth, improved and for our future. That is why I intend to call for the active collaboration and the participation of the personal in the development of activities of the management system.

This policy is an integral element of the business of TECNOVE UMTV, it is a base for the setting of quality targets and environment and it is spread to all the people to be extended and apply, with the finality of maintenance and consolidate the management system.

Quality policy

The objective of TECNOVE CUSTOM TRUCKS es seguir manteniendo y mejorando su trabajo y servicio siendo una empresa líder en el sector de la fabricación de Unidades Móviles destinadas al sector audiovisual y otras Unidades Móviles destinadas al sector de la competición a motor, vehículos para el sector de medio ambiente y otros tipos de vehículos como Foodtrucks, Remolques, Roadshows, etc.

Para ello es prioritario que la calidad de nuestras prestaciones cumpla con las expectativas de cada cliente, asegurando así el éxito a largo plazo de la organización.

The company Management is committed to the continual improvement of all necessary means to meet this commitment.

The quality of our company starts with a competent and qualified staff to carrying out the different works. The development and implication of the people that belong to our organization is our main active, we give special attention to the training and the work safety of our staff as the most efficient method to reach our goal.

This Company is committed to comply with the requirements and improve our Quality Management System.